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PAX Labs’ PAX Era vape pen is the most common among concentrate vape pens. When it comes to vaping, PAX sets the bar high with the intention of changing the game. Because of its exceptional performance, unique architecture, and gaming capabilities, this machine stands out from the crowd. From the first puff, it’s a fun, quirky, and simple-to-use product. Era can be bought directly from Pax Vapor Store for the best price and free shipping.

In a nutshell, Bluetooth. Isn’t it true that Bluetooth makes everything easier? The LED lighting changes with a flick of the wrist. The phone can also be used to alter pre-programmed hand gestures. As a result, the LEDs will change colors and the pattern will change as well when you draw. It also includes games that change when you turn the pen over.

By tapping the pen on the hand, you can trigger or deactivate it. To change the heat range, click the Pod back into the foundation. Thanks to these Period Capsules, the PAX Era is a groundbreaking liquid feed system. They made it out of food-grade polycarbonates to ensure safe vaping. It’s a pre-filled cylinder of THC oil, essentially a marijuana-infused e-liquid. It’s a one-time use item that snaps into place rather than screwing in. The Pods are available in different strengths, strains, and flavors.

Buy pax era pods online

Pax Era Pods for sale

The PAX Era Vape Pen is slim and sleek, with a classic black color option. The unit is 3 inches long and comes with a switchable LED display. It has a smooth and sleek anodized aluminum shell with full-color LEDs. Furthermore, the machine is extremely light in weight.

Cartridge replacement has never been simpler. The Simple-Click gui helps the user to pop in the pre-filled cartridges without spilling or leaking. Simply remove the Pod to make the required changes. There are no threads to fit in the Pod’s enclosed universe. As a result, there will be no clogging of the gasoline.

The use of Bluetooth in the PAX Era does not make it any more difficult to use. This feature controls the LED lighting, temperature (down to a single degree), vapor volume, and flavor. All of this is managed by a computer program that the user may download. It allows for software updates and secures the pen. The App also shows how much liquid is left in the Pod and how much battery life is left. The user can use the App to lock or unlock their phone and play fun games.

Buy pax era pods online

Where to buy pax era pods

The PAX Era has a nice flavor, but it quickly burns through a pod. Of course, the heat setting chosen has an effect. The performance and features of this device are very similar to that of a JUUL. The only difference is that the liquid contains a herbal oil instead of tobacco.

Pax Era Pods are disposable, non-refillable pods, and attempting to refill them can harm the battery.

If the computer is damaged as a result of improper use, the warranty will be void. It is not recommended that you attempt to refill this closed unit. It’s possible, however, that the need for a refillable pod will inspire another company to produce one that is compatible with the Pax Era Vaporizer.

buy pax era pods online, pax era pods for sale , where to buy pax era pods

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